Have You Had Your Home Air Conditioning Maintenance or System Check Performed for the Summer Season?

You may change the oil in your car every 3,000 miles, but do you invest the same amount of time and care into your cooling systems? Your air conditioner or heat pump is supposed to keep your family cool all summer. However, without a home air conditioning maintenance or tune-up, your system may not be as reliable as you think. In addition, you may be spending more than needed on energy bills due to inefficient operation, as well as dispersing dust and dirt into your air every time your system runs. Click to view what our A/C System Check includes.

There are three major benefits to preventive air conditioning maintenance:

Safety: Through our central A/C maintenance service, our technician will test all safeties and controls of your system to make sure it is as safe as possible.

Efficiency: When your air conditioner or heat pump is checked yearly, our technicians are able to make adequate adjustments to make sure your equipment runs at maximum efficiency. For example, clean filters will help overall airflow while unrestricted indoor and outdoor coils allow for better climate transfer.

Durability: Simply by taking care of your cooling equipment with a yearly preventive maintenance appointment, you could extend the life of your equipment by as much as 48%. This means a greater amount of time before you'll need to invest in a new system.

Every home owner should have an air conditioning maintenance performed yearly as part of an overall preventative maintenance plan to protect their heating and cooling investment. In addition, you'll gain peace of mind knowing you have a reliable and trusted company you can call whenever you have an HVAC problem.

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