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Homeownership comes with perks: the freedom to remodel and renovate at will, the security of knowing that you gain equity, and the reduction of tax burdens, to name a few. However, home ownership also comes with responsibility; if you require home repairs, it’s your duty to find and hire a reputable contractor. Plumbing problems can be particularly urgent because water can quickly damage various objects and materials in your home and you may need expensive restoration service if you don’t correct the fault in a timely fashion. Below are some of the most common plumbing problems that Nashville homeowners experience.

Drain Backups

Home drains are not designed to handle all types of waste. If you have a good garbage disposal, you can pour some kitchen waste down your drain and trust that it will be pulverized and drain properly, but even the newest disposal will clog if you attempt to shred fibrous vegetables or tough meat scraps. Never pour any liquid grease down any drains, as it will solidify as it cools and eventually cause a blockage. Also, never flush any paper products except for bathroom tissue, as it doesn’t break down properly and can clog your drains.

Sewer Line Failure

The main sewer line that carries all of your home’s wastewater out of your home can fail for many reasons. If the previous homeowners poured grease or other kitchen waste down the drains and did not have them cleaned, your sewer can clog or back up even if you are conscientious about your waste disposal. Also, the sewer lines in some older homes are simply corroded due to old age and use, and eventually they can break. Tree roots can also crack your sewer line, searching for water, and widen even the smallest cracks.

Pipe Bursts

Just like sewer lines, pipes can corrode with age and eventually fail. On those cold winter nights when the temperature drops below freezing in Nashville, water expansion can crack uninsulated pipes. Poorly installed plumbing may cause water to `burst at the joints. If a pipe bursts in your walls or basement, it can dump dozens of gallons into your home within minutes, causing extensive damage and creating an environment that encourages mold to grow. The minute you notice a pipe has burst, turn off your home’s main water supply and call a plumber in Nashville for emergency service.

Poor Water Pressure

Although this isn’t considered an emergency problem, low water pressure is still a major concern for a homeowner. While no one enjoys showering under weak water pressure, low water pressure could be a sign of a leak somewhere in your pipes, an obstruction in your plumbing, or a half-closed valve between your home and the cities water supply.

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