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Nashville leaky faucet repair, bathtub and kitchen faucet replacement, and more!

Over time, pieces in our bathroom and kitchen faucets wear down, including discs and seat washers. This can cause you to have a leaky faucet. Although the drips may seem like a minor problem that you can put off for another day or simply ignore, one leaky faucet can waste about five gallons of water per day! In addition, the constant water and moisture can stain your sink and rust your fixtures, creating the need for faucet replacement.

faucet leaking

Faucet Types

If you’d like to repair a faucet yourself, knowing which type of faucet you have can help pinpoint problem areas:

  • Compression faucets have washers and seals that can fail under constant pressure; they are relatively simple to replace.
  • Disc faucets leak when sediment builds up in the faucet inlets, or when the inlet and outlet seals wear down.
  • Cartridge faucets leak when the cartridge needs replaced, or when the O-ring that cushions the cartridge stem wears down or breaks.
  • Ball faucets are what most kitchen faucets fall into. Leaks can occur from either improperly adjusted ring tension or worn cam gaskets/spring-loaded rubber seat assemblies.

If you’re not sure what type of faucet you have or you’re not confident in your plumbing abilities, count on ARS® / Rescue Rooter® to provide faucet repair or kitchen and bathtub faucet replacement. We repair and replace all types of fixtures, and work with professional-grade products and quality consumer brands such as Moen®, Delta®, and American Standard.

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