Nashville Sump Pump Repair and Replacement from Our Professional Technicians

Although sump pumps usually last for many years, you may find yourself unexpectantly with a sump pump problem. There are many reasons you may need sump pump repair, and some simple things you can check for yourself. However, there are also more complex sump pump problems that should be diagnosed by an expert.

Do any of the following describe your sump pump problems?

1. Do you have debris in the sump pump well? If so, it should be removed.
2. Is the weep hole clogged? A weep hole is usually between the sump pump and the check valve. If it is clogged, try cleaning it out with a small object.
3. Is the arrow on your check valve pointing toward the sump pump? If so, it should not. Reposition the check valve, or ask ARS/Rescue Rooter to send a technician to reposition it.
4. If you have a strange odor coming from your pump, check the sump pump trap. If the trap hasn't been filled with water for awhile, the odor may start. Try adding water to it.
5. Is your power out? If so, the sump pump will not work unless you have a backup electrical source such as a generator.

If none of the above common solutions fix your problem and you still need sump pump repair, call ARS/Rescue Rooter at (615) 823-5091 or request an appointment online today!

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